Horror Games

Short, easy-to-digest interactive stories
conjured to terrify and amuse.
Universal Horror
You are watching TV. You are thirsty.
You are walking down the sidewalk in heels.
The sun has almost set.
You hate your local Starbucks,
but you go there anyway.
Not Dead
You wake up in a coffin. You are not dead.
Black Cat
You are a cat on a couch. In your dreams, you feast.
Thirsty Too
A sequel to Thirsty. You think about the boy.
You are in a cage. You cannot move.
More Coming Soon
All will converge. The circle will close.
The Elder Gods
The Masque of the Red Death
An unabridged adaptation of the classic tale.
The Politics of Fear
The Morning After
You wake up with a headache.
Hillary 2016
You are Hillary Clinton.
You are at Donald Trump's wedding.
Bite-Sized Horror Jam
A game jam. Play all the entries.
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